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Brandon was a reserved, thoughtful consultant who was all business.

We had an idea to set up blogs for each village that our non-profit sponsored.

We figured it would be a good way for donors to “see and experience” the people in each village on a more personal level. ” He shrugged and replied, “Oh that was a while a back…

If a woman strays, this calls into question a man’s very masculinity. Society still has a double-standard in that many expect men to cheat.

About men, I still hear things like, “boys will be boys” and “men need variety” and “men are not wired to be monogamous.” The more wealthy or successful a man is, the more society takes for granted that he will have a little, black book full of women’s names.

He wore old-fashioned business suits to work, wore thick glasses, and often had a stoic look on his face.

Women chatting free of cost sites with im and without registration-44

It has left me wondering why such topics come up in random and unrelated conversations and then disappear just as quickly.

Women chatting free of cost sites with im and without registration-51

(But, I am also grateful that I am able to work from home as a writer and marriage mentor.) Still, above all else, I am a wife and a mom.However, there are some differences in the kind of damage caused and the repercussions of affairs by women.In this blog post I wanted to explore some of the reasons women have affairs and how affairs and affair recovery might impact men in slightly different ways than women.While we know that both men and women cheat in equal numbers, we do not hear much about female wayward spouses.One of the reasons for this is because women tend to be more careful when they cheat and often do not have a subconscious need to be caught.Brandon and I were project managers on the same team at a non-profit that focused on ending world hunger.