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Print can't fully do justice to the funny and heartfelt, in-the-moment nature of Bed Post performances, but reading this collection is the next best thing to being there in the flesh.

Other performers at the event, which gets underway at 7 p.m., include Coleman Hell, Mia Martina, Jonathan Roy and the Nickel City's own Stef Paquette.

As part of a year-long line-up of events marking Ontario's 150th anniversary celebrations, Ontario's free ONtour concert series will provide the soundtrack for the summer of 2017, stopping in more than 20 communities across Ontario and showcasing some of the province's brightest homegrown musical talent, said a press release from the province.

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“Music is magic – able to cross generational, cultural, and linguistic boundaries.

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The Technology Day is intended for a broad range of stakeholders including industry, end users from firebrigades and other responders, academia as well as interested general public.Explore more details about Mia Martina on Wikipedia. Find professional information about Mia Martina on Linkedin below. ] Mia donned a red hooded cloak while backup dancers ran around the stage on all fours. They provide input and feedback, experience the technology and become aware of its potential and current limitations, to in the end facilitate its uptake.During the Technology Day we will show our achievements and share insights gained during the 4 years of the project, including experience from the TRADR deployment in Amatrice, Italy, shortly after the earthquake in 2016, as well as the industrial use case experiments carried out in 2016 in Dortmund and in 2017 in Rotterdam.Formed in 2010, Bed Post Productions is Julie Gillis, Mia Martina, and Sadie Smythe. Bed Post was one of the most fertile and supportive creative communities I've ever experienced, and so it was a great honor to be included in this collection, a "best of" their live performed essays, poems, and stories.