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In 1999 he and Sidekick Productions' Mary Ryland formed Frontiersmen 2 to co-produce their radio show "The Best of the West Revue" and its publication "The Best of the West Digest." In 2004 they released a double CD set, The Best of New Mexico Western: Big Surprises From Behind the Chile Curtain! Such was pretty much the case with a novel, one-hour weekly show out of Newhall, California (and now the world) called Around The Barn.

She freely admits Roy Rogers was her hero and came as close as one can to serving as her surrogate father!

I was born in the city but with manure in my veins!!

For the Festival she runs The Buckaroo Bookshop, bringing in 20 to 25 authors for signings and panels. And the Bells are helping to create stars of today with their Out West Concert Series...monthly to by-monthly concerts in their store with many of our top Western singers & songwriters.

Following her work for the Autry she and husband Jim Bell launched the merchandising site in 2007 and the retail storefront followed in 2009. We have Rex Allen to the left of our door and Riders In The Sky to the right, she laughs. The series caught the eye and ear of the local public access station SCV-TV, which now professionally videos with three cameras, broadcasts and archives the shows for all to see.

Enter next Nancy Pitchford Zhe, founder and director of the twenty-six year strong Heads Up Therapy On Horseback program.

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Many of my friends are in the film industry, says Pomilia, and Im apparently a member of what Grandpa Roy teased Grandma Dale, Aunt Cheryl & Aunt Mimi aboutbeing officers of The Talkers Club! For Out West Concert Series shows look at the Live Music page.Happening Next previews whats coming, Happened has concerts in reverse chronological order dating back to 2010. Actually Ive brought all that up as sort of a tenuous platform to use in putting forth some ideas about the music business, what the general public expects, what we Western fans and performers have here and finally encouraging those fs and ps to at least begin deciding what they would want newcomers to think of Western Music! Through our New Media Committee and other means at our disposal the Western Music Association is embarking on plans to bring our musical genre to potential new audiences.

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If its not currently running through your head at the mere mention, Eggplant was a recording from the late 60sdone in the days when the music industry wasnt afraid to occasionally put out a peculiar novelty instead of just being peculiar itself. My only trail back to our subject this time is remembering that it was created by Norman Greenbaum performing under the name Dr. Pill #1 (bitter, but not unexpected): Likely it will not be a new audience for Western numbering in the multi-millions.His working interest in Western Music began in 1983, promoting and creating with Western Music Hall-of-Famer Hi Busse.In 1986 they developed the radio featurette "Song and Story with Hi Busse" and Huff subsequently released two albums of Hi Busse & The Frontiersmen material.To find out about the program, of course we went to the source-source-source-source!!Enter first KHTS announcer and board operator Mike Dowler, producing an equestrian based show there called Along The Trail and riding on with it through a succession of hosts.He has co-produced CD's for Sons of the Rio Grande and Jim Jones.