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Validating feelings

Empirical data from forecast is still second to none in most areas of physical sciences.

The survey on the use of Islamic financial products and services by customers either in the form of interview or questionnaire is a good empirical method to gauge the confidence and satisfaction level of customers.

Seen in the light of communicational clarity, personal interviews may enable the identification of nonverbal cues and the building of rapport, thus, affording more insights to the subject matter.

Hence, it is obvious that only the first category may produce empirical data and not the latter two.

As pointed by Uma Sekaran, though moods, feelings, and attitudes can be guessed by observing facial expressions and other nonverbal behaviors, the cognitive thought processes of individuals cannot be captured.

While physics is the science concerned with the study of physical objects and substances, and of natural forces by employing empirical methods, metaphysics, on the other hand, is the part of philosophy that is concerned with trying to understand and describe the nature of truth, life, and reality.

This resonate the ‘first hand theory’ as opposed to hearsay evidence in which the former underlines the importance to appreciate matters first hand rather than relying on transmission of data without credibility and transparency.

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The research on the nature of truth, life, and reality can be creatively seen in the context of the booming growth of Islamic finance.A bold approach shall be taken by going beyond the confinement of traditional data collection methods, namely, questionnaires, interviews and observations, into structured and combined methods such as forecasting tools.This introduction shall be followed by different research areas (physics, metaphysics and divinity) which will determine the use of various kinds of collection tools.This contrasts with the empirical method of aggregating naturally occurring data.Notably, strict empiricists derive their rules of practice entirely from experience, to the exclusion of philosophical theory.The use of meteorological tools to examine natural phenomena like the weather not only gives good empirical data of current status quo, but also gives good forecast to a certain extent.