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This does not leave a lot of room for a long term relationship. Virgin Islanders like to dress to a T when attending shows at the local Center of Performing Arts, church or school shows.

We would not be exaggerating by saying that just about every where you look on St. Seven different flags have flown since Columbus' 1493 landing in Salt River, perhaps as the first European tourist to visit our "American Paradise". Croix were the Igneri, Taino, and Carib Indians, predating Columbus' visit by centuries. Croix's guided tours are designed to teach you about St. Here are a few places that offer great historic perspective on St. Whim Plantation Museum, an authentic Danish sugar estate dating from the 1700’s offers an unforgettable glimpse into the days when sugar was King and rum ruled The Caribbean.

Croix’s History at this Authentic Danish Plantation Museum!

Thank you for visiting the website for the Office of the Lieutenant Governor here in the United States Virgin Islands.

Here, you can find relevant information about several important government divisions and agencies, including Please try out the on-line GIS Viewer developed as part of the Geospatial Strategic Planning Project.

The dating scene might be described as difficult by a new resident. Thomas you can find name brand clothing like Tommy Hilfiger and Polo. There are no malls comparable to large US mainland malls. Benefits of island living; we enjoy a fairly constant climate and temperature in the high 70's and mid 80 range. The landscape in the islands is beautiful and can be enjoyed year round.

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Nestled in a valley northeast of Frederiksted, the Lawaetz Museum’s 18-century estate house, with its accompanying ruins and rambling garden, has a charming old-island quality.Converted from a sugar plantation into a dairy ranch in the late 1890’s by a Danish farmer and occupied by his descendants for the last 100 years, it houses characteristic and unusual antique furnishings and heirlooms, providing a unique view of Danish West Indian life in the early 1900’s. The Cruzan Rum Distillery welcomes you to come visit our “Don’t Hurry” atmosphere.

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There is also a museum store with a large selection of West Indian crafts, furniture, prints and souvenirs. The current 18th Edition, released in January 2016, will help you explore your dream of island living. Other islands are also included such as Great Thatch, Lovango Cay, Durloe Cays, Leduck Island and the west end of Tortola.This guided walking tour takes you on the aromatic journey of turning molasses into rum at the only still functioning historic distillery site in the Virgin Islands. George Village Botanical Garden is dedicated to conservation and preservation of both the historical and living collections on its grounds.Make sure to visit this fun and historic attraction while you are on St. The Cruzan Rum Distillery is open from 9 am to 4 pm, » Read more about: Cruzan Rum Distillery »Explore St. The Garden’s mission is to conserve the native plant species of St.Often new residents seek other residents originally from the mainland to date, because many younger "continentals" move as seasonal workers they are only on island for 6 months to a year. T-shirts, shorts, summer dresses are often the norm.