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Updating an identity column

REMARK: In my case as you can see below I had the MIM Service, the MIM Portal, the MIM Password Registration Portal and the MIM Password Reset Portal on one server running.

It is also required to have local admin rights to create a virtual smart card.

So, only local admins can enroll for a new virtual smart card through MIM CM Portal.

After you install this hotfix, a new registry key will configure the MIM CM client to run in non-admin mode.

Notice that the virtual smart card must be pre-created before the user can enroll their virtual smart card under the non-Admin mode settings.

That was MIM 2016 with SP1 included (build 4.4.1237.0) and which could be installed freshly.

updating an identity column-28

To still install MIM 2016 SP1 (build 4.4.1237.0) you had to first uninstall MIM 2016 RTM and then install MIM 2016 SP1 (build 4.4.1237.0) and reuse existing DBs.That procedure is explained The name for all activity types that you created through Portal is authentication Gate Activity.

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After you install this update, the flow works as expected.The persistent elements of an SQL environment are database objects.The database consists of catalogs plus authorizations.If a predefined character set is specified for a table column, then any string stored in the column must contain only characters from the specified character set.Hyper SQL does not enforce the CHARACTER SET that is specified for a column and may accept any character string supported by SQL_TEXT.The revocation delay is successfully copied to the duplicated profile.