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Updating address on drivers license

Address Change: If you have a commercial license you are required by law to purchase a new license with your corrected address within 10 days.

This is so they can track the name on your current licence through to the name you want to appear on the new licence.

You can apply to change the gender details on your driver licence record without needing to provide an amended birth certificate.

You will need to change the address on your license to keep it current.

Select from the options below to get started Application assistance services can simplify the process for many DMV related services for a fee, including: renewing your license, applying for a license, registering a vehicle, replacing your license, changing your address and more.

You'll need to provide evidence of your name change.

Effective, January 1, 2008, all certified copies of marriage records must be issued by the county where the license was originally purchased and filed.Please contact the appropriate county from the list to obtain a certified copy.

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The online system will update the driver record with the new address, but a new driver license will not be sent out.If you do not require a replacement licence, the change will be made at no cost.Have you recently moved to a new residence in Colorado?ND Drivers License Site, locations, days/hours of operation and phone numbers.If you legally change your name, you can apply to change it on your driver licence.Name Change: A ND Drivers License Site must be visited by anyone who has a change of name to purchase a corrected license within 10 days.