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Uniform dating code

Treviglas College said it held assemblies with pupils at the end of last term to explain what footwear was acceptable, and also posted pictures on its website.

She said: 'Girls have different bodies to boys and we should have the right to wear skirts.

I think girls should have a choice.'Matthew, the father of new Year 7 student Paige, who declined to give his surname, said: 'Woman have died and fought for the right to dress the way they wanted to and it seemed to us their rights were taken away.'But when it was explained to us, it was about inappropriate dressing, and I think it was the right decision to make.'Mark Cummins, 45, who is the father of new Year 7 pupil Colombo, said: 'I think it is a good idea.

Tony Smith, head teacher at the school, said the decision was made in response to comments from parents and the community – including concerns that the skirts were being rolled up and worn in a way that promoted the 'sexualisation of young women'.

He said the trans issue was only a 'secondary' reason for the change.

Yesterday, Mr Morgan, who is also a Good Morning Britain presenter, told Mail Online: 'It's disappointing to see one of my old schools getting sucked into this gender neutrality nonsense, which is being driven by a tiny minority of people.'Let boys be boys and girls be girls, and stop confusing them in this ridiculous way.

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Mother-of-four Lara, who did not want to give her surname, added: 'My daughter said she has got a gender and it's female so being gender neutral when she has got a gender is a big deal for her, as she proud to be a girl.'As a mum I feel girls should be allowed to wear skirts if they want to.

Jemma Meyrick posted on an online forum yesterday about her son Bradley who attends Treviglas College in Newquay, Cornwall.She wrote: 'Have any other parents had a phone call from Treviglas school regarding their new school uniform policy?I've sent my son off in full school uniform, all nice and new, perfectly ironed and looking smart.'Only to be told that he's being put in to detention - his plain black leather shoes are the wrong brand!'So a school strapped for cash because of government cuts has got money to replace a pair of plain black leather shoes with another identical pair of plain black leather shoes..... 'She then sent her son to Treviglas College again this morning wearing the same pair.'To my mind they are black, leather shoes and perfect for a uniform,' she said.A handful of pupils were given detention on Tuesday for wearing shoes that didn't comply with the uniform policy, head teacher Michelle Dunleavy confirmed.