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Victoria Nuland, the Assistant Secretary of State was recorded on the phone saying 'f*** the EU' in a bugged call to US Ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt.

On June 15, he posted a 25-page Clinton campaign memo on how to defeat Trump.

He claimed at the time he was the only hacker involved in the attack and boasted of giving his findings to Wikileaks.

Russian hackers were fingered by amateur Western sleuths after leaving behind a trail of clues pointing to their identities when hacking the DNC.

Russia's president Vladimir Putin (above) has always denied involvement in the attack which saw nearly 20,000 emails stolen from Democratic figures Among those to have unmasked them was Matt Tait, a retired GCHQ worker.

When the attack was being investigated, researchers found that most of the Bitly profiles used to edit the URLs were private.

Cozy Bear has been linked to Russia's FSB (Federal Security Service).Microsoft was also instrumental in identifying the hackers.

Guccifer 2.0 was the first to stick his head above ground.Tait dissected some of what was written on June 30, five days after the release, noting on Twitter how the author of statements which accompanied the hack appeared to have used a translating tool.Observing Guccifer's claim he had to 'pass from one machine to another to stay stealth,' Tait remarked: 'Language quality deteriorates rapidly when text becomes technical.It turned over the information of hundreds of One Drive accounts used by the hackers to send victims' data to Moscow.Earlier this month, the Obama administration publicly attributed the attack to Russian government.The Germans had already traced their attack back to the Russian GRU, the country's largest foreign intelligence agency which has links with Fancy bear.