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Top deal breakers dating

All around, it’s just not easy, thus, it doesn’t work out too often.

Yet, it might not be too late to fix the behavior, but you should definitely take heed if you don’t want your man running for the hills.

When you think about it, many of these antics are also conducts you wouldn’t want your significant doing to you either in all honesty.

It’s funny that a person can be so busy yet the bed never gets made and the bills are always late—what gives?

Sure both parties are equally responsible, but if one side steps up to take this stuff on they should be on the hook for it. Just because you’re together doesn’t mean you have to do absolutely everything together at every single waking minute of the day.

It’s no secret that part of the relationship takes place between the sheets, but if nothing is going on there, things can get a little dull for your partner.

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That’s not to say that your responsibilities take second fiddle, but there should be time carved out to have a little fun together whether it’s grabbing dinner or even watching a movie together over the weekend. Many people want instant gratification and that is not what a long distance relationship is .

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Sometimes people, like your significant, are looking for answers and they do want to hear the truth, but they don’t want to feel like an idiot.Read on to figure out if any of the behaviors we came up with are things that you’re doing to drive your honey away.And if they are, hopefully it wont be too late to fix them! Oh, the ever so famous, “But I’m so busy” without really accomplishing much throughout the day.Everyone has their own moral code when it comes to the dating game.A person can only be pushed too far until they throw in the towel and call it quits.It’s hard to sync up and talk at a convenient time sometimes.