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Spore stuck on updating content database

Even more rarely, you can't go on to land at all without being eaten by the Sea Monster.

The two main features that were introduced in patch 5 were the ability to make parts in all editors asymmetrical by holding down "A” and the ability to ride vehicle of all types without slipping off.

These two things will obviously cause many new glitches. In space stage in a planet, vehicles will become epics, but still have the same AI as vehicles. Very rarely, when a baby grows to adulthood, its eyes and feet will still be surprisingly large, 2x bigger than other adults not affected by this graphical glitch.

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Upon installing Patch 5 and GA, the game may crash when you try to start a game from Civilization stage.If you put an adventure part on an asymmetrical limb or another asymmetrical body part, the part will appear on that limb and not be symmetric.

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The only thing in it is that it causes the players cell parts to be asymmetrical, even if they are not holding A, and a cell isn't able to eat food, except using a proboscis on creatures. Sometimes when you download patch 5, creatures and your captain don't move their bodies at all.Glitches are unwanted effects from the programming of any video game.Glitches can range from being helpful to a player, amusing, meaningless, a nuisance, or game-wrecking.(This is most likely intentional, but is also logical, and yet again, a bit of a pain, depending on your intentions) When you enter the test-drive mode, sometimes that part may flip extremely fast just like masks do in the tribal editor test-drive mode.If you place the Level 2 energy regeneration helmet on top of the Hop Gogs (the Bard part that looks like a mask and lets you dance) and use the orange morph handle to increase the Hop Gogs' power level, the helmet part will slowly rotate in place. This glitch also happens in the vehicle editors, as seen here: Because this doesn't usually happen, you can't eat anything and there are no other species to attack or socialize with.