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Sexy chats24 com

First off, the girls don’t have profiles so you can’t really keep in touch with them once you’re done.

New accountants who use the wrong color are harshly scolded and then learn the color hierarchy fast.

On the other hand, interns who use the wrong pen color are considered amusing since interns are held to a different standard.

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Having the pen color rule broken is akin to ghost ticking (tickmarking without having done the work).

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If you want to go private, you can add credits to your account to do that, otherwise, it’s completely free to watch the honeys in public chat.

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Accountants (as sad as this sounds, it’s true) long for the day when they are allowed to use the next pen color.It’s a game of chance and you just pray that you’ll get a lucky streak.However, Slut Roulette is the exact opposite of that.Even worse, the pen color may be considered beneath them.When you’re playing roulette, you never know if you’re really going to win.Of course, since it is different, there are some things you should know.