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Russell’s best friend recommended Dating for Professionals to him as his sister had met her husband through us.

Apparently soon after he met Lizzie, Russell decided that it was time he ‘took a back seat’ so he promoted a senior member of his staff to give him lots of free time.

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Thankfully Russell was very laid back about the delay – he told us that he actually enjoyed doing absolutely nothing for a change!

Three months later we were very pleased to receive a postcard from this happy couple, sent while enjoying a romantic break in Venice.

She was grabbed by the throat and dragged into bushes by the Baptist church where she was groped.

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She escaped when her attacker was “spooked” by a passing car and she flagged down a taxi.

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As dog lovers, they loved watching the fun and antics of a particular Labrador puppy which loved chasing and barking at squirrels.But Judge John Cavell said the “chilling” offences had been carried out in a carefully calculated fashion and had petrified the victims.He was satisfied that Clark was a dangerous offender and he must impose a sentence for public protection. After the hearing, Detective Inspector Jon Wallis, of Worcester CID, said: “I would like to personally thank the victims of this offence for supporting our prosecution.Mr Daniel said Clark’s only previous sexual offence was when he pulled down the trousers of a fellow pupil in front of classmates at school.Abigail Nixon, defending, said Clark had been assessed as being of high risk of re-offending by the probation service but he had a supportive family.He worked very long hours and admitted he spared very little time for a social life.