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In many cases, this can help avoid the unnecessary involvement of law enforcement or hospitalization.

We further note Venzke does not cite any Iowa case law upon which he claims the court applied an incorrect legal standard by elevating or expanding the burden of proof for the defense. We therefore determine Venzke's statements prior to and following the killing were probative of Venzke's state of mind, and were properly considered by the trier of fact. Paranoid schizophrenia is treated through administration of anti-psychotic medications.

We note Venzke was no longer on anti-psychotic medication as of September 1995; the murder took place in November 1995.2.

“These departments have joined forces to establish a statewide one-call system Iowans can use to report illnesses associated with food poisoning,” said IDPH Medical Director, Dr. “Once a call is made to the Iowa Sic hotline (1-844-469-2742), trained specialists will begin an investigation into the cause and source of the illness, which could greatly reduce the number of ill Iowans.” The 2013 Cyclospora outbreak, which was responsible for sickening at least 127 individuals in Iowa, Nebraska, and other Midwest states, is a good example of how foodborne illness investigations are conducted.

During the 2013 outbreak, epidemiologists and food safety specialists, working in collaboration with the State Hygienic Laboratory (SHL), were able to trace the cause of the Cyclospora outbreak to fresh produce grown and packaged in Mexico.

Often, foodborne illness is the result of cross-contamination, poor hygiene, or improper heating and cooling of prepared foods.

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One witness heard Venzke shouting outside the church, “seventy times seven,” reflective of a Bible verse where Jesus told his followers that they were to forgive others not once, but seventy times seven. A reviewing court will uphold the verdict where there is substantial evidence in the record tending to support the charge. As the reviewing court, we are not to determine anew the weight to be given trial testimony; the credibility of witnesses and the credence to be given their testimony is a function of the trier of fact. In considering this testimony, and the record in its entirety, including the testimony of other experts and the surrounding circumstances of the murder, we are unable to find the trial court erred in rejecting Venzke's insanity defense. This illness is a biologically-based brain disease.The trier of fact could reasonably infer from Venzke's statements about forgiveness that he could understand the killing was a wrongful act. When considering a challenge to the district court's rejection of an insanity defense, the scope of review is on assigned error only. Having carefully considered all issues on appeal, we affirm the decision of the trial court finding Venzke guilty of murder in the first degree. Its symptoms include delusions and hallucinations which vary in their level of severity.

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“Iowa was the first state to positively identify the cause of the outbreak, which permitted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the U. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to trace it back to the source,” said Dr. “Had the Iowa Sic hotline and supporting processes been in place in 2013, it’s possible the duration and impact of the outbreak could have been reduced.” The Iowa Sic hotline will be answered by IDPH specialists who will ask callers about the illness, symptoms, onset and duration, and also complete a history of all foods consumed for the past several days. On November 8, 1995, he made preparations to murder her. It may be inferred from outward acts and attending circumstances.” State v. He gathered the tools he would use, promulgating the method by which he would kill his wife when she returned from work. Venzke wanted to “take responsibility” for his actions, was aware he might go to jail, told law enforcement officials he “committed the murder” and that he left all his weapons “at the scene of the crime.” The trial court found these statements as indicative of statements coming “from a person who is aware that he is doing something wrong and must face the consequences of his acts. Venzke believed his wife of twenty-three years was the anti-Christ. However, the trial court took into account expert testimony when it concluded, “Not all paranoid schizophrenics are unable to distinguish right from wrong, nor are all paranoid schizophrenics incapable of knowing the nature and quality of the act they are committing.” When determining criminal intent, “[t]he condition of the mind [at the time the crime is committed] is rarely susceptible of direct proof but it depends upon many factors. Venzke took the day off from work on November 8, 1995, to plan the murder.Illnesses associated with foods purchased from or consumed at food establishments will be investigated by staff in DIA’s Food and Consumer Safety Bureau.Food poisoning happens after eating or drinking contaminated foods or beverages, and occur at any time throughout the food preparation process, including growing, distribution processes, storage, cooking, and service.Iowa Help Line is a call, a text or an online chat away for those in need.