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The date groves now include several varieties of palms, including a hybrid unique to China Ranch.

Visitors follow a twisting road between high, chalky cliffs to park near a gift shop, snack bar, landscaping nursery, date processing sheds, a one-room museum and miles of hiking trails.

China Ranch lies about 90 miles from Las Vegas near the California communities of Tecopa and Shoshone just off a major route to Death Valley.

The hardworking couple have tackled many tasks, including construction of a four-bedroom family ranch house built of adobe bricks produced on-site, a five-year project that was completed in 1991.

Brian Brown acquired the expertise needed for growing the palms, which yield hundreds of pounds of dates when mature.

The ranch owners promote exploration of the area on foot and horseback.

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We do Dance Parties, Speed Dating, Speakers, Wine Tasting, Advanced Degrees Mixers, and Cocktail Parties. China Ranch Date Farm near Death Valley is a popular cool-season destination with wide-ranging appeal.Located in a secluded California desert canyon, this hidden oasis is lush with groves of various date palms, stands of cottonwoods and thickets of vegetation.The well-watered canyon has been cultivated since the late 1800s, when an enterprising Chinese man left behind his labors in the Death Valley borax mines to start a truck garden in the canyon.For several years he provided fresh vegetables, fruit, poultry and eggs to various mining camps in the area.Since it takes the palms many years to mature enough to produce dates, such expansion means a long-term investment of labor and planning.