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My apologies for any confusion caused by the way I screwed up the numbering on the first story I posted from this series.

When Aaron and Steve met that night in Los Angeles, Aaron was thirty years old and stuck in a dead-end job working with his soon-to-be ex-father-in-law.

Their not so great relationship had become a lot worse as Aaron's ugly divorce proceeded.

As my draft approached seven hundred pages, I realized that the single story I envisioned starting with was too long and too complicated to remain a single story.

Then, to my further horror, I realized that A Caribbean Adventure was actually number two in the East Coast Slavers Organization Series.

Aaron quickly discovers that various illegal enterprises present him an opportunity for acquiring stock (women), cash, and other enticements too good to pass up.

Aaron had been in a failing marriage and stuck in a dead-end job with his overbearing father-in-law.A chance meeting with a friend from his military days, Steve Austin, brought Aaron an offer he couldn't refuse.

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Their divorce will be final in another six months or so.Aaron now associated his soon-to-be-ex's name, Veronica, with everything wrong with modern womanhood.Don't be misled, Aaron didn't hate the fair sex, he just no longer placed any woman automatically on a pedestal.If he wants to view himself as a modern day pirate version of Robin Hood and pretend that he protects innocent souls, then who dares judge him to his face; certainly not I. Author: Desert Dog E-Mail: Desertlickingdog at yahoo dot com This epic tale begins with Aaron Clarke flush with success from his Los Angeles / Philippine adventure.A couple of months prior, he had bumped into an old friend in Los Angeles and an unexpected business opportunity arose from the encounter.Aaron Clarke determines that it is so easy to find prey worthy of punishment that he adjusts his business model accordingly, punishing the guilty and using his illicit gains to help others; all immensely sexy women that remain available for his enjoyment.