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A train can also be caught from London St Pancras, but this will take about 1 hour 16minutes. The fastest trip would be to catch the bus from London Victoria Coach Station, it will take about 2 hours and 15minutes. Being so high, it offers absolutely stunning views of the south east coast.

Lots of parking and a few minutes of walking can get you into picturesque woodlands.

Silence is only broken by birds and the sound of running water.

Check here for more info on National Express site: Fares from 13.50 £ Poole is known as the “coast with the most”, and certainly live up to its name. Visit some beautiful beaches or hop to an island close by. Just looking around, it is not surprising that it is some of the most expensive real estate on this planet.

Less than an hour away from Southampton with the South West train. With amazing views and facilities, this beach has been dubbed as “Britain’s Palm Beach” by national media.

It always has some great special going and the staff are very informative about the wines.

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If you are not really into the sports scene, you can relax on the sun deck of the infamous.

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You can hire a court to play some volleyball, football or rugby.There are daily trips to Cherbourg, France, from the pier at Poole.It is the closest ferry route and will take approximately 4 hours 30 minutes to reach Cherbourg.A massive open space adjacent and above the low-hanging limestone cliffs. Also great for walking and pay a visit to the nearby lovely lighthouse.Feeling like a nice relaxing stroll with amazing scenery? Beautiful for hiking, biking or just taking out the kids.The fastest way to get there is from London Victoria or London Bridge Station. The bus generally takes longer than the train, but is clean and comfortable with onboard toilets. Climb down to the enclosed pebble beach via the large metal steps. During the winter the waves will be crashing against the cliffs, but as summer comes along, the sea quiets down and you can move on down to the beach. Beachy Head is the highest chalk cliff in the whole of Britain, an astonishing 531 feet.