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Do not assume that just because we believe a book is in the public domain for users in the United States, that the work is also in the public domain for users in other countries. The following, howe Ter, are the contents of its principal units in English mea- sure: — The toise unielie of 2 metres equals 6 feet 6 ■)ited goodfi, and unwholesome provisions offered for sale; verifies weights and measures, and seizes such as are below the standard ; affoi^ assistance to drowned or suffocated persons ; fixes the price of bread ; suppresses in the capital all estaljlishments inju- rious to health ; and superintends the supply of Paiis with meat, corn, and other provisions. bc Yongft to Kim to apprehend and bring to justice all persons accused of misdenieanors or crimes. —This council is held at the pre- fecture eveiy other Friday. -^In each of tlie forty-eight quariiers of Paris resides a commissary of police, who superintends its deanlines B and lighting; takes cogni- zance of misdemeanors; makes the first examination of crimes and ofiences ; delivers passports upon the attes- tation of t Vi O householders, and the certificates neces- sary for strancfers to obtain caries de silretd, or to have tliem renewed. They arc laid upon slanting tables of black marble, open to the public^ io order that they maybe recognised by those intei*estcd in their fate. The southern porch, called /'onftuf «$*/.- Marcely was built in i^Sj, and is ornamented with scenes from the history ot St.

The nomination to vacant bishoprics and archbishoprics is made by the king, upon the presentation of the mi- nister for ecclesiastical aiffairs, or a prelate whoholds the feui Ues de b Mfiee when the minister is a layman.

Many parishes, never- theless, are destitute of pastors ■, and to supply them all, the number of priests considered necessary by the pre- lates is 55, Bi! The dergj of Pans formerly possessed rich endowments, and the number of priests, monks, and nuns, was not fewer than ten thousand, or one ecclesiastic in sixty souls^ This excessive number has been reduced to ^^5n, viz.— ^ one archbishop, i5 vicars-«eneral, 16 canons, 3% hxmo- rary-canons, 22 rednrs, 80 curates, 67 vicars, 32 chap- lains, 4 1 almoners, njg parish-priests, 3o priests who are directors or professors in seminaries, and 680 nuns.

Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. The m^tre (as before stated ) is the element of long measure, and = 39.371 English inches. which it Ciint^iined, were melted ' mecliiint^ni of Uie i l(x:k is \eiy cnrions.

Public domain books belong to the public and we are merely their custodians. The are, which is a square dicamhtre ( or 100 square metres ) is the element of superficial measures. The stkre, which is a cubic mitre, is the element of solid measures ; and = 35.317 cubic feet English. ii aii|ijrtji1etl on the outride hy 6o ftyin|* ' various hei|*ld,s, a part of which ai-e oma- !

Cabinet of Medals and Antiques, and Cabinet of Engravings at the Bib Uothcque du Roi, Tuesdays and Fridays, from ten o'clock till two. Foreigners daily, from twelve to four o'clock, on pro- dacing passport. Oratoieb, rne St.-Honore, three in English, also at ten on the first Sunday of every month. Tke draidi of St.-Eustaehe may be considered as tlie transitioti kon the Gothic to the Greek and Roman styles of ardutedare, as it presents some fine atid delicate or* ■ajne Dl B,noknovm to the ancient Gothic.

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Three ciixodar windows, however, called rose Sy on account of their foini, are worthy of attention.

Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. On the contrary, for divisors, the word — Deci expresses the 10th part ; Centi 100th part; Mil U l»000thpart. ADHuusnumoi vo Gau al »b Biuib, Vo, 78, Yieille rue da Temple. The arch alxyve is adorned witli figures of angels and saints. sides ofthisportalwei^ eight statues of saints, destieen sur- ^pirfif S . Bi BLio TH^QUB DB LA Vi LLE, «very day, except Wednesdays, Sundays and Holidays, from twelve to four. 29, ruede r Universit^, the stranger (by letter ** post paid," addressed to M» U Directeur, or by personal application, upon producing his passport) may obtain tickets or admission to ascend the column of the place Vendome, and to visit the model of the Fontaine de I'Ejephant, and the ateliers de Sculpture. * Thii list melnd«a only thoso esublitlimenia which are open oa fixed dey«. Arpent de Paris, 18 feet to the perch = 34.19 aies:=3 rods ]5jpet«hes, Euglifth. The churches de 1' Assonptioo, de la Visitation, the Val-de-Gr&ce, the Soihonne, Ihelnvalidos, the Institnte,** and some others isay be cited as examples of this style. exhibits, in tlie chorches of Sle.4;ene\'i^ve and the Madeleine, in the magnifioent fronts of St.-Snlpice and St.-£ii8tache, in the chapei Beanfon, and in the chnrch of St.-Philippe dn Roole, vigoroas efforts to return to a purer and se- verer stjde of decoration, less loaded "with insignificant details and mannered graces. Bi ELto TMi QUB MASAaii TX, CTcry da^, except Thursdays, Sun- days and Holidays, from ten o'clock till two. Gabiitbt d'Hjstoikb Natuebllb, at the Jardin des Plantes. Foreigners, on other days, upon applying for tickets at the office of the Administration^ and snowing passport. At the Coirs BEVATio H dbs Mo Huii Bifs Pu ELicsy No. Amencan service at two every Sunday, in French at twelve on Sundays, and at two on Thursdays. The chnrches begm in the reign of Louis XIV, by the celebrated archileol B of that age, such as Mansard, Levaa, c Ac., are in the Roman style, degraded by modi- fic^kio Qt created by the architect s &ncy .This temple is sapporled by 120 massive pillars, of which ^5 zre detached, and tlie others built in the walls.The number of columns in the aisles and upper galleries is ^gy^ eaieh of a single stone.Maintain attribution The Google "watermark" you see on each file is essential for informing people about this project and helping them find additional materials through Google Book Search. Keep it legal Whatever your use, remember that you are responsible for ensuring that what you are doing is legal. K% the systeine nsud has the metre and gramme for its basis, any ot its driisions auty be easily computed. They have thii*ty-one guard-houses, besides stations* at the abat- toirs and theativs, and two floating engines. The witnesses of an accident are bound to afibrd the first aid, and call the nearest physician or surgeon ; or make it known to the nearest military |Kst or com- missary of police. is given to any one that picks up a drowning person if restored ; and i5 fr. Foity-nine sets of appa- ratus for succour are dei)Ositcd u|Ksitpd for three days the bodies of unknown jx^rsons who arc drowned, or who meet with sudden, accidental, or vio- lent death in the public ])laces. On the sides of the church are three porches, one on the south and two on the north, that are high Jj wortfarf of attention.