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“We became really popular, but we were never recognized by any community — not the Jewish community, not the Orthodox community — so for me, this is really exciting,” she said.

Malkie owns a boutique on Brooklyn’s uber-hip Bedford Ave.

called Covered Girl (perfect name) and tells Maggie that she sells “stylish clothing for the modern woman, mostly Orthodox Jewish women.” The clothes — such as flowy tops and fun hats — appeal to anyone. In a single statement, Maggie puts a spotlight on a small community that has managed to do just that.

William Pressman, as Executive Vice President of Hasbro Toys, is credited for creating the G. As a child, she attended Spence School for girls in New York.

She was classically trained in ballet and was a member of the Manhattan Ballet Company.

After a dramatic first week on Celebrity Big Brother that saw the house flip against Keshia and Omarosa, will they continue to be the outcasts or will the game shake up as we race to our second live eviction?

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When Maggie goes in — with her numerous tattoos on full display — one woman yells, “There’s a shiksa at the mikvah! ” The pandemonium that ensues is exaggerated for comedic effect — the women race to get out of the water and then drain it — but for the most part, it gives the audience more information about a ritual they might not know much about.For example, when Liza sees a sign that reads “10 Commandments of Our Modern Mikvah” — which includes rules like no acrylic nails, no cell phones and you must immerse fully — there’s actually some Jewish law on display here. “Younger” gets a lot right about being Orthodox and gay For a half-hour sitcom with limited time to devote to this subplot, it’s impressive how many details the show gets right.

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This being TV, Maggie decides to follow them there and drags Liza along.“It was the first time they felt they had made a bit more of the mainstream.” Kabakov noted that you’d pretty much have to know an Orthodyke to use the word.(She adds that if they started the group today, they would not have used the word dyke, which is outdated now.) “Somebody [who works on the show] had to know somebody or have been in a circle where they heard the word,” she said. Malkie shows that Orthodox woman can be stylish There is a misconception that dressing modestly means looking frumpy — but women of all stripes can cover-up in well-fitting, attractive clothing.In the first season, one of Liza’s young new friends, Lauren (Molly Bernard), decides to throw a “Hot Mitzvah” — a “redo” of the bat mitzvah when you’re older, better looking and more confident.(This is an idea and we hope it catches on.) Now in its third season, “Younger” recently upped the Jewish content with an observant Jewish lesbian, Malkie (Sally Pressman), who’s the love interest of Liza’s best friend and roommate, Maggie, who is not Jewish (though she is played by actress Debi Mazar, who has a Jewish father).I’m what you might call an Orthodyke.” Hearing that term on television was surprising, said Kabakov, who is also the editor of the anthology “Keep Your Wives Away From Them: Orthodox Women, Unorthodox Desires.” The term first originated in an informal social group that formed in Jerusalem in 1992, she said, and it later moved to New York in 1995.