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Real social dynamics transformations rsd dating women

They could literally spend HOURS learning all of these concepts, and interpreting the theory behind them, but at the end of the day it was insanely difficult to INTERNALIZE that much information. So we had to figure out a way to accelerate that INTERNALIZATION process. This is cutting edge change work that literally redefines the way you view the world, and re-wires your internal thought patterns. This catalyst will: Shake you out of your existing holding pattern, and enable you to move towards new territories of social mastery.

A man is not defined by his words - a man is defined by his actions.

So if you REALLY WANT the TRANSFORMATION - You have to be willing to commit to yourself right now, and take the journey.

But more importantly, it was worth it to us because we knew that if we could get the opportunity to SEE IT DONE, we’d have a shift in our own belief systems about what was possible between men and women, and we’d understand exactly what to do ourselves.

However, there was ONE MAJOR FRUSTRATION that was the “elephant in the room” the entire time… Everywhere you looked there was theory, followed by more theory… Openers compilations showing my most high octane, off the wall, and effective ways of comfortably starting conversations with beautiful women in every situation.

It will separate you from the ones who say they want the change… It will separate you from the ones who are so COMFORTABLE where they are…

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All of this footage was groundbreaking to go through, and the lessons contained within forever transformed those who were lucky enough to be able to see it.However, even with extensive breakdowns, debriefs, and analysis, it felt like there was still something missing. the results were INSANE, but the entire time it felt like there was something even more powerful just around the corner.

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But here is the truth: The journey is the ONLY THING that has the power to TRANSFORM YOU.It took me a long time to figure out what it was...and it was this thing that affected my decision to create this live event. A catalyst is something that sets off a chain reaction in your brain… See, guys would come, they would have a blast, and they would learn all of these ground-breaking concepts…It is the only thing that can make you into the person you want to be.The hardest part, is having the dedication to TAKE THE JOURNEY. However, if you are willing to make that commitment to yourself - it will separate you from everyone else...10 years ago I had an “ideal vision” for what your experience of “the game” could be like if I got this mastered and shared it with you, and I was seeing signs that if I was persistent in learning more and more, it was within my reach to create something truly exceptional and outstanding. it’s something that triggers a permanent change, often-times a change that takes days… but what happened is that because there was so much to internalize, their mind would become over-loaded, and it would literally take YEARS of application in order to utilize everything they learned. The change work that we do during The Hot Seat Transformational Experience will act as a catalyst for further change in your life.