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Quicken 2016 updating financial institution information

You’ll also need to include a certified or notarized copy of your marriage certificate and/or court papers and a clear photocopy of your valid driver’s license or State ID card.

To set up direct deposit into your checking account, you will only need your 8-digit checking account number found at the bottom or your checks and FSUCU’s transit routing number (263182545).

If you don’t have checks with FSUCU, please contact us at 1-877-GO-FSUCU to get that number.

We also will need a photocopy of both of your valid driver’s licenses or State ID cards.

Your new Membership Application/Signature Card will replace your older one on file.

The notarization on the photocopy must be an “original notarization.” No faxed copies or photocopied notarizations will be accepted. To change your name, please provide us with with an updated “Membership Application/Signature Card” by stopping by one of our branches or by downloading here.

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Finally, if you aren’t filling out and signing this form in the presence of an FSUCU Official, notarization and a copy of your driver’s license or government identification card are required.FSUCU Outgoing Wire Transfer Form It’s important to know the wire cut-off times for submitting wire requests.

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If withdrawn before then, the member forfeits all dividends earned during the month of closure.If there is not activity on your account for six months, it becomes dormant.To re-activate your account, you need to supply a valid ID and conduct a transaction on your account. Our Garnet Level Account has a monthly $5 service fee, and it shows up as a low-balance fee on your statement.All of this content is developed specifically for credit-union members by personal-finance experts and is updated frequently.We’re your one-stop source for high-quality financial information that you can trust.If you choose to change your name by mail, please mail us a completed, notarized Membership Application/Signature Card by downloading it here.