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Quad amputee dating

Nancy Petrozzino was a teacher at the school they both attended in South Florida, and Michael worked for a pest-control company, Eichenbaum said.

"They were a very tight-knit family."When Sean got older, the Petrozzinos moved from Pembroke Pines to the Orlando area.

In 2007, Nancy started working at Andover Elementary School.

By the end of the year, Sean had about a dozen surgeries on his limbs, and both his hands and parts of his legs were amputated."It was a very aggressive infection, and his parents were there all the time," Eichenbaum said.

"One of them was always with him, which you expect."Even after Sean's illness, the Petrozzinos remained loving and caring."There wasn't this distance between them as a family," Eichenbaum said.

And at his 2010 wedding, Sean Petrozzino and his parents, Nancy and Michael Petrozzino, were warm as ever."No matter what length of time had passed between talking, we were able to pick back up where we left off.

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Sean and Cynthia married in 2010, about four years after they started dating, she wrote on Facebook. The couple then moved to Georgia in 2013."Unfortunately in 2014 our problems grew and mistakes never went away.Neighbors described Nancy as a sweet woman who often went for walks with the couple's Shih Tzu, Susie.Michael was working at Disney World, said his neighbor, Richard Ellwood.'Our problems grew'Sean Petrozzino met his wife, Cynthia, through high school band in 1998, Cynthia wrote on a Facebook page created to remember him this week.After high school, Sean studied music at the University of Florida from 2002 to 2004, though a university spokesman said he didn't earn a degree.Sean tried a few career paths, Eichenbaum said, from helping develop kayaking prosthetics, which he was incredibly proud of, to Internet security. In 2006, he bought a house near the Valencia College East Campus, records show.Deputies identified Sean as a person of interest in the case, and warned that he might have a gun. They adopted Sean when he was a baby, said Eichenbaum, 31, who met Sean in kindergarten.