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Identical Reasons for Decline in Middle East The decline and eventual extinction of the white population in the Middle East marked the end of the original civilizations in those regions.

Any civilization—be it white, black, Asian, or Aboriginal—stands or falls by the homogeneity of its population, and nothing else.

As soon as a society loses its homogeneity, the nature of that society changes.

As long as a civilization’s founding race maintains its territorial integrity and does not use large numbers of any other alien race to do its labor, that civilization will remain in existence.

If a civilization allows large numbers of racial aliens into its midst (most often as laborers) and then integrates with those newcomers, that civilization will change to reflect the new racial makeup of the population.

This process continued until almost all remains of the original whites in the greater region were assimilated into the darker populations.

Exactly the same thing happened in Central Asia, Egypt, Sumeria, and to a lesser degree, modern Turkey. Although the buildings of ancient Egypt are very impressive—many having survived through to the present day, their construction was dependent on the Egyptian ability to organize an unprecedented mass of human labor.

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In India, the invading Indo-Aryans established a strict segregation system to keep themselves separate from the local dark skinned native population. Nefertiti ruled over an advanced civilization; Sadat ruled over a third world country.This was the decline of the first great white civilizations in the Middle East and their subsequent replacement by nations and peoples of a substantially different racial makeup. Jody scaled and dressed the fish at the back stoop, where a ray of light glimmered from the fire on the hearth. They were no more than conscious that she spoke to them. They were in a trance from the strong spell of its beauty.Up until this time the development of the white race’s territorial expansion was such that they were a majority in Europe and all of Russia west of the Urals. Ma Baxter dipped the pieces in meal and fried them crisp and golden. " data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-1745" alt="three-phases-egypt" src="" /Egypt: Same country, different people.This poses a major question: Why have some civilizations lasted a thousand years or more, while others rise and collapse within a few hundred?Why is it, for example, that nations such as Japan, Sweden, and England—all nations with limited natural resources—could have progressive active cultures for more than one thousand years; whereas mighty civilizations such as Classical Rome, Greece, or Persia, amongst others, collapse after only a few centuries?The Egyptians of today are a completely different people, racially and culturally, living amongst the ruins of another race’s civilization.