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Kennywood’s old fashioned wooden roller coasters have been making locals roar for years – but whether it’s from the thrill of the ride or the thrill that the ride might fall apart, it’s hard to say. So your Pittsburgher will never complain if you wear the same black and gold outfit all the time.

So multitask and turn a stroll with your Pittsburgh sweetie into a workout. Chances are they grew up eating creations from the Primanti Brothers, so you’re guaranteed fries and coleslaw on top of some roast beef or turkey, so they understand that a real sandwich isn’t just about bread and meat.

The Pittsburgh Tunnel Monster is very real, and it’s something locals fear—if only because it can mean long traffic delays. Fred Rogers was born near Pittsburgh, and the iconic Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood was filmed in the city.

The idea is that the monster will grab your car if you travel too fast through the tunnel, which is at least one explanation for why people slow down before entering tunnels in the city. While a Pittsburger won’t necessarily ask, “Won’t you be my neighbor?

” they grew up with the friendly show in their backyard, that taught them all they need to know about making friends and living life.

To have the families of Clarence Bruce and Josh Gibson with us is phenomenal.

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Campaigners (a name that points back to the early days when Young Life was known as “The Young Life Campaign”) is a weekly meeting for kids who wish to learn more or grow in their faith through study, service and leadership.

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Residents of this steel city are just as tough and resilient as that product for which Pittsburgh is famous. Drive-in movie theaters are hard to find these days, but there are several within driving distance from Pittsburgh, including Twin Hi-Way Drive In and Riverside Drive In Theatre. Once you’ve mastered these–and a few more choice words–you’ll be able to speak Pittsburghese along with them best of ‘em. Tell us the best thing about dating someone from Pittsburgh in the comments below!Pittsburgers who don’t want to risk losing a prime parking spot usually throw a lawn chair in it until they get back.Sure, it’s of questionable legality, but that doesn’t really matter when the snow’s piling high.The Josh Gibson Foundation believes in the endless possibilities for potential in today's youth.By providing academic and athletic programs that foster leadership and scholarship, the skills necessary for tomorrow's success are created today.So you’re pretty much guaranteed to be dating a smartypants in this town. Not only are black and gold the colors of three Pittsburgh sports team, they’re the official city colors.