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Outlook sent folder not updating

and then I was wondering why subfolders where not displaying any mails - and the reason was because all the mail in the sub folder was older than 1 month. It is difficult to say without access to the logs, since you are hosted with yahoo.

MAPIFolder ' assumes folder doesn't exist, so only call if calling sub knows that ' the folder doesn't exist; returns a folder object to calling sub Dim ol App As Outlook.

Folders(str Folder) On Error Goto 0 If Not Folder Tocheck Is Nothing Then Check For Folder = True End If Exit Proc: Set Folder To Check = Nothing Set ol Inbox = Nothing Set ol NS = Nothing Set ol App = Nothing End Function Function Create Sub Folder(str Folder As String) As Outlook.

Check if you are storing a lot of emails in your INBOX, as it may be causing a delay.

This is due to syncing all the folder contents every time it communicates with the mail server. Hello Firo Stefani, Our apologies for the problems that you appear to be having with Outlook and making it work with your email account with us.

Stack Exchange network consists of 172 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. Move target Folder Program Exit: Exit Sub Error Handler: Msg Box Err. Description Resume Program Exit End Sub Function Check For Folder(str Folder As String) As Boolean ' looks for subfolder of specified folder, returns TRUE if folder exists.

But, I have seen this type of issue when there are a huge amount of emails in the sent folder.

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THANK YOUwe have facing outlook 2013 mails not coming my system after close outlook & restart oulook mails comes please help me how to resolve this issue can you suggest me how to find out this issue OS WINDOWS 8.1 64BITAlso check under the advanced settings, what the period of time to keep Mail offline has been set to.If you cannot avoid the update, we will provide you with further steps regarding a temporary fix for the issue.This issue with Microsoft Outlook 2013 and Office 365 will cause IMAP folders to not successfully synchronize, therefore inhibit your ability to receive new mail to your inbox.Thank you, John-Paul Hey guys, I really hope you can help me.I recently reorganized my Outlook 2013 and now the syncronizing via IMAP to Gmail is blocking invomcing emails.I had mine set to 1 month to limit the amount of data I store on my laptop ..