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Nicky wu and liu shi shi dating

Liu played the love of his life, a woman from the future. Wu, 44, posted a photo of two red marriage certificates and two wedding rings on Weibo on Tuesday, with a message: "Cherish happiness." He tagged Liu, 27, who reposted his announcement on Weibo and added: "We are very happy." The marriage took his manager Paco Wong by surprise.

At the airport, Nicky Wu and Liu Shishi are still reckless with dog food.

Earlier, Nicky Wu and Liu Shishi to participate in the wedding, it staged a scene, even if there are many people, my eyes only you".

In photos posted on social media, Wu is seen presenting the ring to Liu before posing for photos together.

series may still remember the onscreen couple who melted our hearts for them.

The food at the airport and focus and star couple, Nicky Wu and Liu Shishi is called "epic".

And stand together with his wife Cecilia does have a lot of difference.I hope he take care of the body, to return to the peak value of Yan.

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Nicky and Cecilia were spotted shopping for drinks and snacks at a supermarket.Although they are officially married, Nicky Wu recently went down on bended knee to 'propose' to Chinese actress Liu Shi Shi, this time with a diamond ring.Apple Daily Taiwan reported that on June 1, Taiwanese actor Nicky Wu flew to Shanghai to surprise his wife on the set of an ad she was shooting.Wu confirmed their relationship only in 2013, after they starred as lovers in two more dramas, Scarlet Heart 2 and Great Incisive Teacher.It is the first marriage for Liu and the second for Wu, who divorced Chinese actress Ma Yashu in 2009.Formerly of boyband Little Tigers, Wu got a second wind in his career when he starred in the time-travel romance adapted from an online novel, as the Qing prince who would be the Yongzheng emperor.