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it satisfies more than just my oral thirst in the long grass!!

Issue: May 2002 In the mid- and late-’90s, Tom hosted a very popular exercise program on ESPN, and a lot of people who watched it weren’t exercising at all.

She was gorgeous, and she didn’t mind trading on it.

So, Diora Baird, a woman famous for being stunningly beautiful and enthusiastically naked.

She got the cover of seven years ago and turned in one of the best pictorials of the era, all based on the faith that she was going to be a huge star.

ISSUE 5 - 'Pinic Table' This update has a total of 46 photos When the sun's out and the day is hot, you can be sure I'll be out there cooling off (and hotting it up!

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He discovered Denise Matthews, gave her a cool stage name, and put her in a group called Vanity 6 (they had a hit with the song “Nasty Girl”).It all eventually landed Vanity, as she was called by The Purple One, a couple spreads in Issue: August 2005 In the 21st century, celebrity can be a tricky thing to define, especially in light of reality TV and lad-mag-inspired model fanaticism.

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Issue: September 1985 Before Madonna was “Madonna” she was just a woman trying to make it and needed cash.UK' This update has a total of 38 photos I went to visit my new friend Trinity.UK (another Charm) and as you can see, we had great fun getting to know each other better!It was around this time, you may recall, that she flashed birthday boy David Letterman on his talk show.Issue: May 1985, April 1988 You have to hand it to Prince—dude knows beauty when he sees it.Oh yes - It's the Real Thing - in a glass bottle....and!