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But there is a fine piece by Liz Phillips in the plaza outside the Minnesota Orchestra's concert hall - clever, entrancing and ingenious.

The week-long After 9 Evenings series begins on Sunday, September 25 with a complete immersion in the film documentation of the original events from 1966, followed by a panel discussion moderated by long-time E. The series continues on Thursday, September 29 with the polymathic media art duo Lo Vid (in collaboration with dancer Sally Im and media artist Tyler Henry), premiering a new performance work entitled Interplayce, paired with a new video performance by expanded cinema artist and film scholar Andrew Lampert.

Friday, September 30 features James Fei and Laetitia Sonami harnessing complex electronic behaviors with their tactile, idiosyncratic control interfaces and Thomas Dexter performing his signature “live-filmmaking” work with various apparatuses of image and sound production.

Judging from the first two days and from a look at the programs to come, the Minneapolis festival differs in several ways from its Kitchen prototype.

The Kitchen festival was criticized for cramming too many short, insubstantial works onto each program.

This is the first time the piece has been performed in the United States since being unleashed at the Armory five decades ago.

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Studio Libeskind designed this new museum in the heart of downtown San Francisco as an ode to dialogue, inserting its angled, glowing blue steel-clad structure within the historic red brick power plant from the 19th century.

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Have you ever wanted to display an expected in stock date instead of having the product disappear in a configurable product drop down menu? With this module you are able to set a custom "stock status" in the products edit page for each and every simple product that makes up your configurable product. Now, when a products quantity drops below 1, the drop down will automatically display "OUT OF STOCK." Then you can go into that products edit page, and add on any additional text, like an expected in stock date.That's only appropriate, because people are gathering for a nine-day festival called New Music America that began Saturday night.This is a followup to a similar festival held last June at The Kitchen in New York, and part of what is now hoped will be an annual event in different parts of the country, all devoted to the openly experimental spirit that Mr. There are good reasons for this second festival to be in Minneapolis-St.Luke Du Bois, Ilya Fridman of Fridman Gallery, ISSUE Project Room’s Board and Staff, and to all of the artists, engineers, and academics who have offered their collective and extraordinary talents to realize After 9 Evenings.Chris Mc Intyre and Lauren Rosati ISSUE Project Room, Guest Curators By JOHN ROCKWELL Special to The New York Times MINNEAPOLIS, June 9 - There is a benignly brooding "video portrait" of John Cage greeting people in the lobby of the Walker Art Center here.New Music America has some rather silly, trendy (and worse, yesteryear's trends) examples of this genre, mostly by local composers.