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The “blue apron”program is actually more costly and inefficient than food stamps at $10 per meal for the boxed food program in comparison to the $1.37 per meal that the food stamps program currently provides.

An odd thing for a 3 year old boy to get interested in.

I pestered my folks to buy me their first album, THEY'RE OFF AND ROLLING which featured BYE BYE LOVE and WAKE UP LITTLE SUSIE. When The Beatles came along in 1964, I split my affection between the two acts.

The fond memories I have will last forever and I'm so grateful. My most fondest memories of growing up was sitting on my momma's knee rocking in her chair while she sang along to the songs the Everly Brothers created. I mentioned that I was writing songs with James Burton, who had played on a number of their albums. We took a picture together and I told him that I could honestly say that he and his brother were among my influences.

As a young teen, my young love experiences often never went so well, I found that your songs helped me get through,,as if i was not alone, thank you for being a BIG part of my life,, We will Never forget you. He thanked me and said , that if your working with James, I'm sure you'll do well.

Greg Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada My uncle Jack used to play the Everly Brothers records everytime we would visit my grandparents at the age of 5. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and especially his brother Don. Eileen Reilly-Green, South Amboy, NJ I had the pleasure of meeting Phil in Jan. I've always included their songs old, and new, in my shows.

I wrote a nice tribute to the brothers with a little different spin on it than usual. It's your 75th birthday today and I'm thinking of you.

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I, too, was mesmerized by their sweet harmonies and country style songs. It is saddening to see all these Icon's of Music, who have passed recently, slowly leaving us. Rest In Peace Phil You will be remembered and treasured for centuries to come, of that I am sure.Barrymore opened up about the split during an appearance on The Ellen De Generes Show in February 2017.I so wanted to raise kids in this ultratraditional way and do everything so the polar opposite of my experience,” she said at the time.God bless you Phil, I'm sure you went straight to heaven, on the Wings Of A Nightingale!Rick Diaz It's always sad when a musical icon passes and Phil Everly was one of the largest. loved you for years and was so sad to hear you had died.Let me be clear; the nutrition value of the food in those boxes was zero.