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It´s like an Indian fairytale come true: ‪Experience Udaipur‬ in ‪Rajasthan‬ state with our earth TV HD cam, the last capital city of the ‪Mewar‬ Kingdom.

At first, we would speak once a week, then it became twice a week.

Soon, we started talking very day," said Sukanyeah.

After I moved to Mumbai, as I wore men's clothes and cropped my hair like a boy, the women in local trains would yell at me when I boarded the ladies' compartment." It was after Aarav went to Dubai that he gathered enough money to go for a gender reassignment surgery.

"In a year, I changed totally, from female to male.

Now, they will be united in holy matrimony next month.

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While their bonding began over their motherland and their common medical experiences, what brought them even closer was their desire to help others like them – both of them counselled parents with children who identified as transgender.

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Sukanyeah too knew since childhood that she was meant to be a woman, but her family could not accept it.But people at my workplace accept me as I am, even though most others do not," she said, who narrated how she was stopped from flying by Bangalore airport security when her face did not match the picture in her Aadhaar card."I have been trying to meet PM Narendra Modi to tell him about the problems we face.When I finished my call, he was talking to someone on the phone in the same language.After disconnecting his call, Aarav came to me and asked whether I am from Kerala, after which we got talking." Falling in love The three-hour-long wait for the doctor gave them time to get to know each other, and they enjoyed the conversation so much, they exchanged phone numbers and continued chatting even on returning to their hometowns.I am in the process of getting a new Aadhaar card made with my new picture," she said.