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Most intimidating walk up songs

The key phrase is “as far as I know.” Though I found this exercise in closer-song-finding fun, I know very little about which songs closers actually use.

Trevor Hoffman uses “Hells Bells” and about 85 percent of the remainder use “Enter Sandman,” right?

Ultimately, there is a good shot some of my list will repeat actual songs. While I’m thus technically under qualified to do this list, that’s not a big deal. 3) Try to avoid obvious clichés – unless I really want to include them.

Maybe you’re an All-Star closer trotting out from the bullpen.

Either way, you’ve made it to the big leagues, and you’re ready to do your thing—what’s playing on the PA to strike fear into the hearts of your opponents?

Chris Sale – Chicago White Sox: “Come Sail Away” by Styx. For Dickey, in the American League, this comes just a few times a year during inter-league play.

In part, this is to minimize overlap with actual closer songs and in part, choosing the most obvious songs is boring.

If you’ve seen the movie the entrance probably had you ready to start a fight in the theater.Walk-up music was started in the 70s by former Chicago White Sox organist Nancy Faust, who thought it would be neat to play each home player’s state songs before they came to the plate to bat.So, we essentially have Nancy to thank for what we hear today, which is mostly a lot of Drake and AC/DC.But just the piano intro alone might get some ample attention. Welcome to The Playlist Project, where we’ll be posing musical questions to Paste staff, interns and writers and then compiling their responses into a handy playlist before opening it up for discussion in our comments section.(2) No song, as far as I know, can be used by a closer currently.