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You can't completely avoid them, but there are some ad implementations that are so annoying that Google has explicitly disallowed them from the Play Store. The current advertising scourge is ad-infused lock screens, which have shown up in previously safe apps like ES File Explorer, Peel, and Hotspot Shield VPN.

We’ve all been programmed by PC malware, which can sneak onto your system simply because you visited the wrong website with a vulnerable browser.

These “drive-by downloads” aren’t feasible on Android without a pre-existing infection.

For example, your phone already antivirus protection built-in.

Your first line of defense is to simply not mess around with Android’s default security settings.

However, Android is by its very nature more secure than a desktop computer, so maybe you don’t need these security apps. The most recent Android malware report comes from Check Point, which says nearly one billion android devices have critical vulnerabilities in the underlying Linux kernel. It’s a legitimate security issue, but the reporting is, as usual, overly breathless and dramatic.

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You probably don’t need to install Lookout, AVG, Symantec/Norton, or any of the other AV apps on Android.Instead, there are some completely reasonable steps you can take that won’t drag down your phone.

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Google just started doing this a few months ago, mainly as a way to keep copycat apps and obvious scams from slipping through the cracks.The way this is presented by many mainstream reports, you’d think Google is in panic mode and rushing out patches.In fact, the Android security model is much more mature now.The latest Quad Rooter scare is actually a set of four issues known as CVE-2016-2059, CVE-2016-2504, CVE-2016-2503, and CVE-2016-5340.They are rooted in the Linux system code provided by Qualcomm to partners like Google. (Note: If your call does not reach 15 minutes, you will still be charged P15.) CALL & TEXT Promo ASTIGUNLI100 – Unlimited call and text for 3 days to Globe/TM for P100. To use the unlimited call fo ASTIGUNLI, dial: 807 10-digit TM/Globe number.