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Regardless of this soul-searching, class differences are emerging as educated parents with good jobs provide for their children's future, and there is increasing intermarriage between persons of different cultural background who mingle in school and at work.

Papua New Guinea has a tropical monsoon climate and is generally hot and humid, although the climate varies from one area to another.

Over 75 percent of the nation is covered in rain forest. With an annual growth rate of 2.3 percent, the population topped four million by 1992 and is expected to grow to more than five million by the year 2000.

Communicating in English or Tok Pisin, many couples fail to pass on their mother tongues to their children, alienating their village kin. Before independence on 16 September 1975, a number of micronationalist movements threatened secession from a nation that many felt was a colonial invention.

Papua Besena emerged in 1973 under the leadership of Josephine Abaijah.

After Colonization, Papua New Guineans needed to communicate with one another and with outsiders.

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Papua is probably derived from the Malay word papuwah ("fuzzy hair").

Black, red, and yellow are traditional colors in many Papua New Guinean societies.Now known as Tok Pisin ("talk pidgin"), Melanesian Pidgin is spoken throughout Papua New Guinea.While English is taught in school and is the official language of business and government, Tok Pisin is a symbol of national identity and a preferred means of communication.Colonization and change were uneven, with island and coastal areas colonized before the interior and some groups resisting change for decades.Outsiders did not visit the highlands until the 1930s, and some areas were first contacted as late as the 1970s.Students were taught to express their experiences in poetry, music, stories, and art that dealt with the "beauty of village life," the opposite sex, pride in their cultures, and the question of how they could lead the country into the modern world without becoming selfish.