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Mellody hobson dating george

Packer was also engaged to renowned diva, Mariah Carey, who is already a mega superstar with credentials coming out of her ears.

Diane von Furstenberg is a millionaire in her own right thanks to her fashion label (named after herself).

But money breeds money, and in marrying media mogul Barry Diller (senior executive of Expedia Inc), the pair are now beyond wealthy.

Elisabetta married Italian businessman, Flavio Briatore, in 2008.

Briatore is the brains behind the Benetton Fashion Group and the Benetton Formula One racing team.

The business mogul is the second richest man in New York and is worth over $21 billion.

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Irina has a lot more to boast about than just her business tycoon husband, Alister Usmanov and his $14 billion net worth.

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The billionaire married the American financier and consequently, inherited her share of his $11 billion fortune.If Julie Chen looks familiar it could be because she is a news anchor for America’s CBS network, but although we’re fairly sure that pays okay, it’s her marriage that really gave her a paycheck to enjoy.She married Leslie Moonves who has around $300 million to his name (oh, and he’s the CEO of CBS too).Needless to say, the 36 year old beauty married up with the 66 year old mogul.Christina was married to billionaire businessman Sheikh Walid Juffali, who is worth approximately $5.2 billion. Some say it makes the world go round, some think it’s the root of all evil, but most of us wouldn’t say no if it was offered to us – especially if it came with a handsome husband attached. The two never made it down the isle, but they were close enough for us to imagine!