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I’m not actually a slut wife cuckolding her husband.

This is not kind of kinky pervert story but it does really turn me on!

I’m an orally obsessed, exhibitionist housewife in Moscow, Russia.

To make a long story short, after about 3 hours I had managed to suck off all 15 guys and swallow every delicious drop of cum.

It tasted really amazing, I could satisfy my crave for that gooey hot male’s cum! He carried me over to one of the tables and laid me down on my back.

3) He’s a self-described dominant top who cums a lot, and is a big shooter. Every day like clockwork Davey rushes to the park to catch a glimpse of the shirtless stud who works out and stretches there. Today, Davey is about to get a much more up-close and personal view of Lucas’ body.

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But let’s not forget about our furry friends’ most underappreciated asset: they’re total dude magnets.

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They all took turns licking, nibbling and fingering my soaking wet pussy and I lost count of how many incredible orgasms I had.The wife just loves sucking on cocks and there’s nothing better for her than to feel sticky, gooey cum running down her throat, her husband’s cum is never enough and she has to beg his friends to donate…My name is Tatyana and this is a story about a fantastic experience I had about juts 6 years ago.I wore a nice nurse’s outfit that had a sheer white top that showed off my big, dark nipples, and it had a very short skirt which made it very obvious that I wasn’t wearing any panties.For a while I just walked around bringing guys drinks and hors d’oeuvres, as they called the appetizer, and when I walked around, they would grab my tits or finger my pussy.Or I would call it adventure, with Michael, my husband’s best friend.