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I am the female that articles will reference when they discuss the death of the monogamous relationship.

(Read: no shirtless mirror shots, no photos with sedated tigers, and no snaps of guys sitting astride zebras, which is a type of photo that exists.) But I had to swipe right on at least 10 dudes a day.

Which, considering I check my Bumble while waiting in line for coffee to kill time, was a cakewalk. I matched with just about every guy I swiped right on, and about two-thirds of those matches turned into conversations. Even though I wound up matching with over 50 dudes during my red period, I didn't go on a single date as a result of the apps.

Garry Burge is 41, lives with his parents in Brisbane, Australia, and was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder in 1998.

Over the years, he’s tried dating sites like the Canada-based Lava Life and Australia’s RSVP, but he found his most recent long-term relationship on Facebook.“In 2008, I met a female on the autism spectrum in the United States,” Burge says.

When putting together my profiles, I hadn't given much thought to the photos I'd put up. I'd test this theory over the course of a month by changing up my dating-profile photos.

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One of them commented on my lipstick, telling me the blue was absolutely fire. The match number and caliber stayed fairly consistent across the two weeks. One of the photos I get the most compliments on in general is one of me in a bathing suit. Boys will be boys.) But I'm not even wearing lipstick in that photo — and to be honest, I doubt the average guy on Bumble is paying much attention to what's on my lips.(He even used the flame emojis, which, swoon.) The conversations with these dudes were interesting, and I wound up going on two real-life dates. I saw no insane spikes, dodged plenty of douchey bros, and split a delicious pizza with a smokeshow photographer. Even though I've become fairly desensitized to the entire process of online dating, it can be majorly tough for a lot of women.

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He can hear a song on the radio and play it note for note on the piano. For people with Autism Spectrum Disorder, it’s an alternative to picking up people at bars or parties and risking potential in-person rejection.I matched with well-groomed finance bros, lanky musicians, a buff firefighter, four designers in tartan flannels, and a jiu-jitsu instructor. I'd swipe right on my 10 guys a day, and only get two hits back. (One hot Australian set up a date and then flaked, proving that international fuccbois are real and terrifying.) So, it should come as no surprise that I was more than ready to retire those photos and pop some crazy shades on my profile.Most of them commented on my photos, and one of the designers actually said he liked my lipstick. I was also taking notes on the conversations I'd have with the guys I'd match with — only about half would reach out, and the topics were pretty vanilla. Weeks 3 & 4: A Rainbow Connection There was one photo I knew I had to put on my profile the moment I could: The one you see here, where I'm wearing Cookie Monster blue lipstick.I'm all for doing whatever makes you feel best, so in reality, none of this matters.The images you put up on your profile should be the ones that make you feel like the badass rock star you are.(Hey, I'd just come back from London and am a sucker for an accent. ) My mother and I deduced that I went on over 70 first dates in 2015, and my dating habits have become a running joke among my office mates.