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The back page initially featured a cut-out doll and paper clothes, which eventually gave way to a wall poster.

The department itself, however, pointed out that fewer than five of the people who had left had quit the civil service altogether, suggesting that some officials may just be passing through the department to gain valuable experience.

It said that a large majority of the changes were the “result of normal civil service rotation or the end of defined loan periods”.

The story centred on Penny, whose parents owned a cafe called 'Penny's Place', and her three best friends, who all lived in the same town and attended the same school.

Penny's best friend Donna was from a lower-class family and had several brothers and sisters, and these siblings were often involved in storylines.

Mr Robbins joined the Cabinet office as Theresa May’s EU adviser, which is a brand new role.

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"The Four Marys" was the longest story the comic ran—drawn by artist Barrie Mitchell, it appeared from its creation in 1958 to its end in 2001.When the strip started, public boarding schools like St.

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Oh to be chilling by the pool in the holiday hotspot of Miami with football legend Ronaldo.Britain’s Department for Exiting the European Union has only existed for 14 months but already more than 20 per cent of its staff have left.According to the Government’s response to a freedom of information request submitted by Bloomberg, as of 18 August, 124 employees had left the department since it was set up, leaving 482.Making the most of his time off, Cristiano holidayed with his mother and son Cristiano Junior on a yacht off the Spanish party island just a couple of weeks ago before heading to Las Vegas to help Jennifer Lopez celebrate her 47th birthday.It consisted of a collection of many small strips, the stories typically being three to five pages long.The average issue of Bunty contained several short comic-strip stories, broken up by letters pages, competitions, featured readers, puzzle pages, promotions, next-week previews or advertisements.