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Adultery is illegal under Jewish law, and offenders are banished from their communities, so James and Monica have to be very careful with their extramarital adventures.

She used these parties, her cafes, casinos and her husband's Beirut shop to make contacts who would enable her to provide intelligence to Israel and to build a spy network.

Cohen was part of a huge operation called "Aliya Bet" to bring Jews from Arab countries through Lebanon into Palestine.

We also rented a second apartment opposite Shula Cohen's.

We started spying on her through remote listening devices on the floor, wall or ceiling, linked to satellites.

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Another is that she was recruited in Jerusalem and her marriage to Kishik was a "front".Either way, Cohen carved out a prominent place in the higher echelons of Beirut society and hosted salons where she entertained and cultivated politicians, influential businessmen and senior army officers.

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But at night, the pair shed their conservative garments and go for more casual looks, appearing like any other young trendy couple in Williamsburg.Israel took a large number of Arab prisoners during the second Arab-Israeli war in 1967 - and Cohen, among others, was exchanged for a number of Syrian, Lebanese and Egyptian soldiers Shula Cohen died in Jerusalem on May 21, 2017, aged 100.Also in 2017, the Lebanese authorities claimed to have made several arrests in connection with the passing of information to Mossad.Shula Cohen has passed away, but her legacy lives on.A Hasidic Jewish couple from New York has opened up about their open marriage that they've kept secret from everyone in their community for fear of being exiled.They use separate and joint Tinder accounts to search for individual encounters and threesomes, swiping through other users aged 25 to 40 for 'casual fun' as well as 'emotional connections'.