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The Dublin Event Guide is a non commercial initiative and is published by Joerg Steegmueller, it has currently more than 24,000 readers and hundreds more join every month.

The company is committed to developing renewable energy sources in Ireland and over 25% of the country’s wind power is supplied through Energia.

Energia‘s power plants in North Dublin are capable of providing enough energy to power 1.2 million homes.

If your week was great, you might not need it, but most of us had some challenging moments in the last week and there could be more in the coming week and this section is for the people that want to overcome the hurdles, achieve more and remember that despite all, life is great! The cost for sending the weekly newsletter is EUR 240 per month and a donation from you of just EUR 12 per year will ensure that I will be able to pay the bills.

Has the Dublin Event Guide helped you to find events that you otherwise wouldn’t have known about, or have you saved money by finding great free events?

Your money will be used to pay the monthly EUR 240 bill for sending the newsletter using Mail Chimp, for web hosting and domain names.

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The main sponsor is Energia and their support is hugely appreciated!Energia provides cost efficient electricity and gas to Irish homes and businesses.

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Corporate or enterprise sponsors are very welcome too and will get a bundle of benefits as a thank you for their donation, contact me on [email protected] discuss the details.You too can subscribe for free on the right here -- This site contains the newest edition below and is updated as soon as it is completed (check the date! If you are reading this and the newest version of the "Dublin Event Guide (for Free Events)" is not here yet, please come back a little later! The challenge to get the Dublin Event Guide consistently out to you much earlier is continuing.Last night I went to the Science Gallery Birthday party and that took a BIG junk out of the time that I normally spend on compiling this weekly e-mail magazine.The “Feel Good Slot” at this place in the Dublin Event Guide is to share some inspirational, motivational or thought provoking quotes, stories or video clips. This week Audrey H, Catherine E, Michele Mc N, Susan B, Sharon K and Bill G were so great to help with a donation! You and all the other donors throughout the year are keeping the Dublin Event Guide alive!You wonder why I added this section to this e-mail magazine? He said “Don’t let the opinions of the average man sway you. Without you, there would be no Dublin Event Guide!!Gigs, Festivals, Talks, Lectures, Exhibitions and much more for all age groups are included.