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If her blouse was semi transparent I used to get instant hard on during the lectures. So I was little confused then me also decided to be like nothing has happened I just walked in my room being nude. So I gathered some courage n removed my T n became full nude. I looked at lady, she was still there n I could see her face turned RED HOT.

I got up untied my short n removed it down from my legs. My hands were fondling her boobs which were so so fluffy like sponge.

As I was in my room n the door of balcony was open. Reading that magazine ignited a great spark in my penis so I was on fire…!

We were like walking n kissing, she stuck to the wall n had no chance to move anywhere. But now i was on fire, started to move my hand all over her body n finally stooped at her massive boobs. So I gave her smile n planted kiss over her cleavage n looked at her. Inserting my fingers in her ass-crack and then in her ass-hole. She was a bit angry, got up slapped me n took condom from me. Finally i was in her n reached in deep ocean of love, joy, happiness n all. In few moments our body was shaking n we were just near to high points of love. It gave me immense pleasure that i started to cum…….

I started to feel her body right from her legs, thighs, stomach her boobs her warm breaths. I was in no mood to break it, i was moving forward. I removed her sari from her chest n pressing on the blouse. I kissed on her neck came down licking her fair skin. As soon as I stopped she opened her eyes n became angry. At the same time she was caressing my hairs n i was moving my hands on her ass. She said “Duffer, put it on” i tried to put it on but failed. I was trembling moved ahead took my tool in hand went near her love-hole n touch it. I was struggling to enter in her that time she caught her legs around me n pressed me over her. I increased my speed; soon i started to fuck violently. I sensed clutches on my tool; there was warm stream of juices coming out of her love-hole.

This was inspired by my sexual fantasies and exhibitionism. I am a student – studying in third year of engineering. I live in an apartment where there are lots of colonies situated one beside another. So when became 12 years I was studying in 7th standard. I started staring my lady teachers in the school as my school was boy’s school. So one see what is happening in front building’s apartment. but this time I was nude under n she was looking at me… She took out my tool from her mouth n started moving her tongue at the bottom of penis, she moved little upward. Then she took my testis in her hand and started squeezing it gently.

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Loving sex, public blowjobs, eating juicy pussies like a pie eating contest, these Indian couples are showing off.

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Immediately i took out my penis which was rock hard. Suddenly she stood up n said FOLLOW ME, walked to her bedroom. I could see her love-hole with sparkling juices over it. I went there n opened it n there i saw the condom packet. Aunty directly lay on that bed keeping her legs apart.There's nothing more exciting than letting go and giving in to your feelings when in the bedroom and today these hot wives are going to get a hands-on experience they won't soon forget! Watch horny married Indian couples to see wives getting fucked in every which way by hard cock while they beg for more!We've got hours of XXX footage that prove sex doesn't stop after marriage.Their dressing styles like which bra teacher had worn? I realized she was upset as I disappeared n as soon as she found me she kept her face as nothing happened. So again I took magazine and looking at the pictures I was stroking my penis…