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Green business networking speed dating

Store hours: event as a fun way to bring potential partners and collaborators together to share ideas and past experiences.

Below I highlight a few of the businesses that made it onto my final dance card.

Salazar Packaging: Call me a green geek, but one of the products I got most excited about was the green packaging products offered by Salazar Packaging.

And while at first glance the larger globes he sells are elegant to look at, on one the playful surprise is that the word peace is hidden in 37 languages on the inside on the globe.

Some of the products are made of recycled glass and they offer custom imprinted marbles.

A structured opportunity to meet accomplished professionals just like yourself, face to face, one business professional at a time.

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While some of the best practices e Bay is using to engage employees and consumers might be out of reach to small businesses, she reminded participants that e Bay got its humble beginning from selling one broken laser pointer.

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For more information on menu’s and location, visit their Web page at A judged vegetable show will be held, along with family activities and workshop.This event is being coordinated by the Baltimore City Farms office and the Cylburn Arboretum Association.For more information and to register, click here » Please sign this petition.Monday multiple 40 year-old trees were cut down and we need to act now to protect against further irreparable damage.The Baltimore Food Co-op promises to be a “one-stop grocery shopping experience for its neighbors in Baltimore and beyond, who are committed to locally produced and sustainable foods as well as other products.” Baltimore Food Co-Op Mission Statement The Baltimore Food Co-Op is a community-owned, community-oriented market that provides sustainable, local, and reasonably priced food to members and the general public in a welcoming, accessible, professionally-run environment.