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Gemini woman dating a libra man

Libra's partner will never hear him complain when she spins out of the bedroom with her latest fashion find.

A Gemini woman intrigues Libra and is always doing something exciting and interesting.

An Aquarius woman is just as eclectic as Gemini, but she isn't as hyperactive. All three air signs are social butterflies that enjoy entertaining, traveling, art and music, and they love to discuss just about any subject matter.

There are a few zodiac signs that are most compatible with Libra.

These include another Libra, who certainly understands him.

He's also in tune with his emotions, so his partner can openly share her feelings know he'll listen with a sympathetic ear.

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He also wants to tell his lover how he feels about her and just how amazing she is.In fact, he'll tell her this quite often and, hopefully, she'll tell him how special he is.

Long walks along the beach, holding hands and sharing a passionate kiss will be peppered with an ongoing discussion about some tidbit of information he has collected.Libra can see both sides of any situation or question, and this trait makes it very difficult for him to draw conclusions, much less make important decisions.While he's deliberating over whether or not to act on his feelings, his love interest may just decide to take hold of matters and seduce him.If this happens, Libra will momentarily be bowled over.Eventually, he'll regain self-control and step back from the relationship to evaluate if it's truly what he wants.Some men get upset if their wives overspend on clothes or other personal items.