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Fun one year dating anniversary ideas

This is a tricky post to write because I could come up with a whole bunch of fabulous things for y’all to do in Utah…but seeing as how some of you live elsewhere…. There are really cute bed-n-breakfasts, houses/cabins you can rent, hotels in a favorite city, etc.

There’s lots of options of gifts for your relationship.

Mariel (mahr-eeee-elle) is a mother to seven, wife to one.

I’ll try to stick to things that will work anywhere. If grandparents aren’t anywhere near…bargain with a close friend to watch your kids for an over-nighter and you will do the same for her. Romantic Night At Home – You still need an over-night-babysitter for this one, but it’s a lot cheaper because you’re staying home.

Hopefully, this will give you some fun ideas for your wedding anniversary! Recreate Your First Date – Where was your first date?? Isn’t it weird to be home with absolutely no kids in the house??

This was another idea from Ashley’s post that I was keen on.

Everyone at the Mexican restaurant asked us where we were going. ” Our server was sweet enough to offer to take some photos of us to remember the occasion by. Anyway, I felt like it was my turn to show Mark some major love through some special date nights this new year, so for Christmas, I gave him a collection of pre-planned date nights, one for each month in 2014!

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That way, when life’s storms do hit (and they will), we’ll have a solid foundation to stand on, so we can weather whatever comes our way…together.Wedding anniversaries are one of those things that should never be treated lightly!I know for us, it has gotten a lot harder to get private time together.I even included a “wild card,” which either of us can put into play when we’re feeling extra…well…wild!In between each sheet of cardstock, I included cut-outs of red, pink, and gray scrapbook paper for added whimsy.So, plan ahead for the big day…make it special, because it is. We spent 3 days golfing, going out to eat, swimming, and just enjoying each others company with zero interruptions.