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Squad goals: Karl Lagerfeld headed out on Sunday night to the popular cafe Sennequier in St Topez with his godsons Hudson, 8, and Jamesonl, 5 (l to r: Jameson, Hudson, Caroline, Princess of Hanover, Lucy, Karl Lagerfeld, Brad Kroenig and Sebastien Jundeau)The assembly of such a diverse cast of characters is not all that surprising however, and while this specific group has never been seen together in the same establishment before, they are certainly the individuals Karl spends a majority of his time with while not at work.

The local airport opened in 1973, mainly serving light aircraft for business use and flight instruction.

Among the city's notable citizens are Absalon, the bishop who founded Copenhagen in the 12th century, L. Ring, the symbolist painter who gained fame in the 1880s, the writer Lise Nørgaard who wrote the popular Danish TV series Matador in 1978 and the rower Thomas Ebert who became an Olympic gold medallist in 2004.

The Sankt Hans psychiatric hospital serves the Capital Region with specialized facilities for forensic psychiatry.

The cathedral and the Viking Ship Museum, which contains the well-preserved remains of five 11th-century ships, attract more than 100,000 visitors annually.

Karl could not be here tonight because Los Angeles is very far from France,’ said the succinct younger about the absent honoree.

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With the development of the rail network in the 19th century, Roskilde became an important hub for traffic with Copenhagen, and by the end of the century, there were tobacco factories, iron foundries and machine shops.

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It is now increasingly active in the research sphere.Princess Caroline is one of Karl’s closest friends and clients, with the mother-of-three one of those much coveted buyers who can and does invest in couture pieces.Karl’s bodyguard Sebastien is his constant companion as he works around the clock to protect the diminutive designer, though on Sunday he got to bring along his new girlfriend Lucy who looks remarkably similar to Lagerfeld’s new muse Stella Maxwell.In the 1970s, the city benefited from the opening of the university and from the completion of the Holbæk Motorway connecting it to Copenhagen.Roskilde has the oldest operational railway station in Denmark, with connections across Zealand as well as with Falster, Lolland, and Jutland.It was a far cry from the summer vacations most of their friends were enjoying back in the boys' home state of New Jersey.