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The other girl had wavy blonde hair that was pulled back into a long ponytail that easily reached her ass, which unfortunately I couldn’t see from where I was standing. ” Elizabeth greeted them first, since she was always more social than me.

Usually, Elizabeth and I sat on the right side of the table and left the other side vacant, since we weren’t working as a full team.

Now however, the chairs on the left were occupied, and I finally got to see what my new co-workers were like. Both looked about our age, and both were very attractive women.

I guess they probably wanted to get to know us better before asking personal questions.

We hadn’t had to answer the ‘who’s the father’ question since our first week on the job, but I didn’t think it would be hard to lie about Elizabeth’s ‘boyfriend’ again.

Our games made us fast and efficient, so we could handle the workload with little difficulty. ” She rubbed her enormous white belly, which contained our two new babies. ” It took a while since it was my second load that morning, but staring at her giant jiggling tits, which had gotten even bigger after she got pregnant, gave me all the encouragement I needed. “We’re gonna be late for work if we don’t hurry.” She tried to seem annoyed, but she couldn’t keep her eyes off my still invigorated member. ” Both girls went from content arousal to full sprint in less than a second.

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She had bigger breasts than the first girl, but neither could compare to my sister’s: even before she was pregnant. “You can call me Lizzy, short for Elizabeth, and this is my brother Ray.She seemed nervous too, but both jumped from their seats once they noticed our entrance. We’ve been working here for a few months, so if you have any questions feel free to ask either of us.” “Great,” this time the blonde girl, Trisha, spoke, “I’m sure I’ll have plenty of questions.

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Elizabeth and I would race to see who could file the most forms in a set amount of time, or who could do a form the fastest with only one hand. “You finished with me twice as fast.” She rubbed her large round belly, which contained a child of her own.That’s why they finally hired two more members to complete our team. I pressed my large purple head right up to her cervix and gave her exactly what she asked for. In only a few minutes we were ready, and we dashed to the car to be at work by nine.That’s about all I wanted to skip through, but before you ask, I’ll tell you: yes, I’m still staying close to my sister (and mom). The drive was about twenty minutes, so we figured we wouldn’t be more than a couple minutes late.I wasn’t trying to be a rebel mind you, I just didn’t want to give her the satisfaction of feeling superior. Martha would always give extremely frank answers, like ‘good’ and ‘slow’.She clearly didn’t give two shits about being outgoing and friendly.She wore a nervous expression on her soft toned face. We just finished training and were assigned to work with the two of you.” “Awesome!