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Tilt it to one side, and the Pentax K-1 will illuminate its own rear-panel controls for you, making setup changes easier after dark, especially before you're completely familiar with the camera and its control layout.

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This also provides a customizable grid display, an indication of the crop area if applicable, and a dual-axis level gauge function.

There's also a 3.2-inch LCD monitor which has a unique articulation mechanism, something we'd seen when the camera was shown under glass a few times over the last year or so, and which we'd been keen to get our hands on.

More can be found on the rear of the LCD monitor, and light up the rear-panel controls once the display is tipped or pulled outwards from the camera body.

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For its first-ever full-frame DSLR, Ricoh offers up the Pentax K-1 -- and what a beauty it is! 05/06/2016: Pixel Shift Resolution analysis posted! Sitting above the K-3 II sub-frame DSLR and below the larger, pricier 645Z medium format DSLR, the feature-rich and high-performing Pentax K-1 earned itself high-praise in our 2016 Camera of the Year awards in the Professional DSLR category. After years of rumors, Ricoh has answered the pleas of its customers and brought its K-series DSLR lineup into a new era with the Pentax K-1, its first full-frame digital camera.

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It's a bit tricky to describe, but certainly provides a much wider range of motion than competing designs.Another rather unusual touch is the Pentax K-1's new Smart Function dial, which is paired with a new Set dial on the camera's top deck.This supplements the existing twin control dials -- one apiece on the front and rear of the body as in almost all enthusiast-oriented cameras at this price point -- and helps to keep you out of the menus.The monitor itself sits atop four struts which allow it not only to be angled to face up, down, left or right, but even swiveled somewhat.These struts provide for /-35 degrees of side-to-side adjustment, and /-44 degrees of vertical tilt.More LEDs can be found hidden beneath the rear of the LCD monitor.