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Exercises english dating

Emily says that the breakup was because she and her boyfriend drifted apart – this means they slowly started to go in different directions over time.

The phrasal verb hook up with someone can be used a slang expression meaning to have sex with someone, especially someone you just met, or someone you only stay with for one night.

However, in Sarah’s case she stayed with the boyfriend for six months, when they were constantly fighting and making up – that means reconciling and restoring peace in the relationship after a fight.

My last relationship was a nightmare – I hooked up with a guy at a New Year’s party and we were together for six months – but we were constantly fighting and making up. Transcript: Let’s learn the phrasal verbs from the dialog.

To hit on someone is to say or do things that demonstrate romantic or sexual interest in that person.

” Don’t just answer, “My friend Nathan.” Instead, say (or write) – “I really hit it off with my friend Nathan – we met at a baseball game and discovered we had a lot in common.” Why?

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The relationship ended when the boyfriend cheated on Sarah – that means he was kissing or having sex with another woman.Sarah discovered him making out with his ex-girlfriend (kissing her very passionately).

Worksheets and activities for teaching Speed dating to English language learners (kids, teenagers or adults). It’s usually a combination of comments and gestures as well as the way you look at the other person.Another way to say this is that the guy was flirting with Sarah.The boyfriend wanted another chance with Sarah, but Sarah knew he was trying to jerk her around – that means to manipulate her or use her for his own advantage – so she broke up with him (ended the relationship).Sarah asks Emily if Emily is going out with anyone.You can say split up or break up – and breakup can also be used as a noun.