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Moreover, where critical samples do exist in such collections, sampling for direct geochronological analyses becomes a significant concern, especially where such sampling is destructive in nature.

Discover More Furmanite’s Smart Shim™ is a truly effective and state-of-the-art conductor analysis and chocking solution that will ensure your offshore production site remains productive, powerful and profitable.

Discover More Furmanite has been a trusted resource for sophisticated engineering products for over 75 years.

Discover More We offer a comprehensive range of on-site and on-line plant and pipeline maintenance services.

From standard applications to highly customized solutions our goal is to help you maximize your asset up time.

Discover More The Wilson Snyder Switch Valve has provided proven reliability for over 80 years in Coker Switch Valve applications.

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For comprehensive plant and pipeline maintenance and asset uptime maximization, rely on Furmanite.

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Renowned for their sound engineering, our Silk machines help you deliver precision onsite machining.We consistently achieve tolerances and finishes usually only achievable in a machine shop.Discover More Furmanite’s Self Leveling Machines deliver precision on-site machining for large circular and irregular shaped surfaces.For independent age control, we also dated calcite that had encrusted the sample (thus, providing a minimum age; = 1).U–Th ages of the teeth are older than the calcite overgrowths and younger than the reworked calcite, consistent with their demonstrable relative age relationships.Although vertebrate fossils are commonly abundant in museum palaeontological collections, they are only rarely accompanied by contextual data (e.g., stratigraphic and taphonomic information) that allow them to be placed independently into reliable temporal frameworks critical for testing significant evolutionary and extinction hypotheses.