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Dead head dating

In the history of modern music, no other band and no other fanbase has been as immeshed in drug distribution as the Grateful Dead were with LSD.

Your ability to withstand the thumbprint proves that your karma is clear -- can't have spir-itually impure people climbing the ranks of the GDF.

The test also proves that you are not an undercover cop, or so says the myth, because no cop could maintain their cover under such a powerful acid trip. Perhaps the most popular recounting comes from, a website primarily dedicated to psilocybin mushroom cultivation.

The thumbprint is a mega-dose of LSD, a thousand times stronger than the average street dose.

Passing the thumbprint test is required before one is allowed to buy and sell weight (large quantities of LSD).

Each night featured a significant amount of structured as well as non-structured improvisation.

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The Dead were also the house band at the Merry Prankster's multi-media LSD freak outs, as immortalized in Tom Wolfe's novel The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test.

Those in the know might even acquire grams of raw crystal -- powdered LSD straight from the lab, with one gram equaling ten thousand doses.The LSD network surrounding the Grateful Dead existed as a part of the larger subculture of the band and their fans.For three decades, the band toured relentlessly, playing a different set of songs each night.Very little has been written about the story of LSD and related the role of the Grateful Dead post-1970's.Enter Jesse Jarnow's new book, Heads, published in the winter of 2016.Drugs and music often go together, but the connections between the Grateful Dead and LSD are quite unique.