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If you are ready to ditch the dating game for a chance to truly connect with somebody, it might be time for you to try Mindful Dating. The unintentional kind happens without thinking or planning.

You are vulnerable to rejection and uncomfortable feelings when you date.

On the surface, it may not seem that threatening but take a minute to think about how it feels to be rejected. And if you start to think of dates in terms of being rejected or feeling crappy, your autopilot it primed to kick in as a way to protect yourself.

So when we start to have anxious thoughts about what our date is thinking, we become closed off because we are feeling vulnerable or we pretend we are totally into Mixed Martial Arts too so we are more likable, we can acknowledge what is happening and respond in a way we can feel good about.

Mindful Dating can help you feel more empowered, see what games you are playing and focus on whether there is an actual connection If you are ready to end the games, then it’s time to give Mindful Dating a try.

For many of us, dating today rivals a complex and tactical chess match.

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So we date these women and eventually we find ourselves loving the nani and maybe even enjoying her company BUT, not seeing her as wife-material – and then she asks the fatalnd most men will be DAMNED if they will leave a woman just because she wants the one thing from them that they are unable to provide: a relationship. They decide to juggle women using the DELAY tactic. ) TWITTER: Young RY Off2Kali's Richard Young talks about the Dating Mind Games... Plus, is there a Law & Order parody in there??? You'll see him get stripped down and slapped, maybe as part of a broader rejection, or maybe as part of a more interesting bedroom activity...Not everybody behaves in the same way when their dating autopilot kicks in but some common reactions are to be guarded/withdrawn or to be the person you think your date wants you to be. Mindful Dating is a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness practices used to yield a more rewarding dating experience. In simple terms, Mindful Dating teaches us to become more aware of how thoughts affect the way we feel, feelings affect the way we behave and behaviors affect the way we think while dating.Neither one of these responses is an authentic representation of who you are. We do this while learning to be in the present moment with our date and without changing, controlling or manipulating anything.When you compete there is a winner and a loser but when dating games are being played nobody wins. Well, the truth is that some game playing is intentional and some are not.